The Snelsons’ OilNatural Trek to Better Health

We joined Young Living as wholesale members to augment our friend Clara Wiggins’ essential oil stash, so she could maintain her health while living in the slums of Kisumu, Kenya, helping children there. (Clara founded The Transformation Initiative) We quickly found out what a blessing Young Living could be to the overall health of our family.

As we learned more about Young Living’s oils and products, we realized how special these oils are. Our intent was not to”join the business”, our lives were PLENTY busy already. We fell in love with these oils, and all the health benefits we immediately saw upon implementing Young Living products.  Sharing our health stories was a natural progression. Thus, OilNatural was founded! It’s truly been “a drop at a time” in our walk towards health. These oils are life-changing, and so easy!

So, what have we discovered on this OilNatural journey towards better health and wellness?Since going natural with foods and supplements, our minds are more clear. We function better, and sleep well at night. Our physical and emotional health improves daily. Our house is chemical free and safe for our kids and animals.

Are you drawn to a more natural lifestyle? Looking for ways to improve your health and wellness? You are welcome in the OilNatural family!

If you’d like to improve your health, feel free to join the conversation on our OilNatural blog or over on our OilNatural Facebook page, or friend Janie Snelson on Facebook! Transform your health and that of your family, and get tips on how to best make this transition. We are both passionate about achieving vibrant health naturally, and we’re happy to share our experiences with you!